Emily Dickson


Creative, curious, hungry to learn, bubbly and imaginative.

- Kickass at customer support, customers leave happy and with a solution
- Writing monthly round-up blog posts / social media copy/ email marketing copy
- Journalling / creative writing in my spare time

A bubbly person flowing with colour and creativity, I adore always learning and trying new things. Passion burning within driving me forward.

Writing is my home.

What am I interested in?

- Mental Health
- Self Growth
- Creative Writing
- Alternative Lifestyle / Therapies
- Travelling
- Nature / Outdoor Activities
- New Age / Spirituality (whatever you folk wish to label it these days - it's my strawberry jam that makes me me!)

- A Challenge
Challenge me to something new, and I'll rise to the occasion with a smile on my face and fire within.
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Basingstoke, UK|English

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