Emily Griffin-Wetzel

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Writer

Renewable Energy and Environmentalism Expert

Freelance content writer with experience in lead generation, content marketing, SEO, and social media best practices.
I grew up on a small, organic farm in southeastern Minnesota. Since childhood I have been passionate about sustainability and the role of nature in our lives.
After majoring in Cultural Anthropology in college, I became intrigued by how mankind's habitual behaviors contribute to climate change. I began to see the importance of integrating sustainability into every aspect of our lives, and so I began to incorporate it into my writing.
My goal is defined by the desire to see renewable energy companies, environmental organizations, and other sustainably driven organizations break the economic threshold and thrive. Now is the time to define consumer culture by sustainability. The role these clean energy companies and environmental groups have in mitigating severe climate change can not be understated, and this is the passion that underlies all that I do.
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Luther College, Bachelor of Arts
Minneapolis, MN, USA|English

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