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I'm a celtic redheaded Brit, living in America with homes in Atlanta Georgia and near The Rocky Mountains Colorado; mum of 3 boys; wife to a high achieving corporate finance type. Family is spread out all over the world. Many eons ago I did pretty well in an events marketing career - there used to be plans and spreadsheets and strategies and celebrity clients - now I make a great lasagne and have to remember to pick everyone up from the right places at the right times.
All-out-honesty when writing words on a page usually makes sure the funny side comes through loudest. Usually. Sometimes a bathroom floods, or another kid who rode another box down another flight of stairs needs another x-ray. That's not always funny. At least not for me.
Real life has thrown some curve balls my way. By age 38 I had the medical history of an 83-year-old - an unexpected stroke and cancerous tumors growing in my neck were not among the laugh-out-loud moments (although mentioning both of these things in one sentence is a great way to stop a life insurance salesman in his tracks).
Woven into it all I have a real focus on my personal faith and what I believe (which happens to be startlingly different to what my husband believes).
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