Emmanuel Daniel

Copy Editor, Copywriter

College Student by Day, eCommerce Master & Investor by Night

Hey – or “What’s up?” if you’re around where I’m from – Emmanuel’s the name, but you can call me Eman for short. I’m an entrepreneur and freelancer based in New York City and I create short and sweet ad copies for businesses in the realm of retail, eCommerce, and technology.

I’ve always loved entrepreneurship, business, and finance, so when I became old enough, I started my own eCommerce business. That flopped. Then I tutored myself, learned from the best, read a few business and marketing books, and went for round two. I launched a second store that did much better, earning a few thousands of dollars in revenue.

I was fortunate enough to be born with a voice that would be described as deep, smooth, yet so authentic my anybody I would encounter on a regular basis. So I took my talents to the freelancing platform that goes by the name of Fiverr and launched a voice-over gig. After writing a very captivating service description, I some hundred of customers, delivered even more orders and earned more revenue than my last eCommerce business.

I’ve been through it all. I’ve studied successful ad copies as well as ones that didn’t work and why that was so. I remember spending around 12 hours a day, late into the dead of night tweaking my ad campaigns, testing ad copies, headlines, and descriptions, and researching new products that could solve someone’s headache. Every day I’m learning something new that I can apply to my craft.

So I founded this service, Emekanomics.com, a copywriting business dedicated to helping businesses big and small, individuals, partners, groups, Kickstarter, anyone who has a product or service that they want to reveal to the world with words that reach the heart, inspiring them to invest in it.

When I’m not copywriting in my office, I’ll probably be checking out the stock market or recording videos for my financial education YouTube channel.
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Iona College, Business Administration
Iona College, Economics Minor
New York, NY, USA|English, Spanish

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