Emmanuel Ibekwe

Content Strategist, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer

Assuming responsibility for your life cause and Chase it. Be smarkworking and hardworking too, both pays. Never relent on your dreams.

On a mission to become a champion,
I am Emmanuel and I love to be a music performer, recording artiste and table tennis striker although I have the least record ever produced in the musical studio due to my low resources. I got great vocals and I do not use it on the mtv base stage yet except in my church why I can be allowed a mic for singing My God praises and other gospel arenas like our last Musical Concert at the Great People Church Ogun State. It was a mega experience.

I'm an Igbo from the East and a creative content writer who is a jovial and simple young man with dreams to change the world and how they evolve with their productivity and giving back to humanity.

I will love to see a future of new thinkers and a world where people change people and their environment to better create a good and forsighted engagement just like what clear voice is doing right now.
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Advanced Diploma, Certificate
Lagos, Nigeria|English

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