Erfel Suriaga

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*Had experience in content rewriting.
*Gained Diploma in Basic English and Grammar- Revised 2017 at Alison Online Courses and Online Learning
*Graduated Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education Major in Mathematics and Science at Philippine Normal University Visayas.
*Former Editor-In-Chief of 'The Torch' Publications.
*Had written articles about children, politics, environment, and literature.
*Taking Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing courses at HubSpot.
*Taking Media Writing and Editing at Ohio State University (online via Canvas)
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Article, Blog Post
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Philippine Normal University Visayas, Bachelor in Elementary Education/Mathematics and Science
Alion Online Courses and Online Learning, Diploma in Basic English and Grammar-Revised 2017
Ohio State University (online via Canvas), Media Writing and Editing
HubSpot Online Courses, Certificate in Inbound Marketing, Certificate in Content Marketing
Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, Philippines|English

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