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I write about the stock market, finance, and other business topics.

I am a freelance writer and have written articles for several platforms including The Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha. I frequently research businesses and use the information I find to write stories about how they work.
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Humboldt State University, Business
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

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What Makes Transition Metals So Unique?

This article explains the chemistry of transition metals, as well as some uses for these metals.

April, 24 2017
What Does It Mean to Accelerate a Loan?

This article explains a situation that can occur if a lender thinks that a borrower may default on a loan.

March, 3 2011
The Effect of Citric Acid on Metals

This article explains how to clean metal objects with a weak acid.
Panera Can Recover From a Bad Quarter

This is an article about investing in the fast-casual restaurant Panera.

October, 30 2013
Jobs That Incorporate the Z Theory

This article explains Z Theory, which is used in business management, and explains why certain types of businesses use it to manage their employees.
The Opportunity in Airport Shopping

This is an article about retailers that added storefronts in airline terminals.

November, 6 2013
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