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I'm a medically retired Army veteran with a passion for creative writing and video game design.

My love for writing has stemmed from a childhood of owning too many books. When I wasn't reading, I was playing video games. And when I wasn't doing that, I'd be exploring; my favorite music creating the soundtrack to my adventures.

After graduating from Marysville Charter Academy of the Arts in 2010, I spent a couple years working odd jobs and traveling around California before enlisting in the United States Army in 2012. After my 2nd tour ended in 2018, I came home to California to go back to school and learn to create the games I loved playing growing up. I am excited to utilize the skills I've learned and creativity I've grown to further my professional career.
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Sacramento, CA, USA|English, Spanish

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Homefront - "Home is where the war is"

In 2011, I wrote a few articles for an online newspaper called The Examiner. The newspaper was a general interest style paper for the Chico area of Northern California. The website no longer exists and all but one of my articles were lost: an announcement article for the video game "Homefront".

March, 15 2011
Power Rangers Legendary War Flash Fiction

This was a piece I wrote after I was inspired by the 20th anniversary season of Power Rangers: Power Rangers Megaforce. The last episode featured a giant battle with every Power Ranger team joining forces to stop an approaching threat. I wanted to take a more mature approach and came up with this.

December, 8 2018
Product Description
Power Rangers Legendary War Marketing Copy Sample

I had the idea that with a concept like the Power Rangers Legendary War, that there should be a video game so people can visually experience the story as well. The mature content of the written piece would be toned down for the game but the story would still be enjoyable and open to new and legacy fans alike.

December, 8 2018
A Reason To Stay

This is a sample script of a contemporary romance story. A young journalist finds herself entangled with a cabana bartender on a weekend trip to the Hamptons.

December, 14 2018
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