Erick Wanjohi

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

I write content that attracts, engages, and converts

My goal is to create content that does the talking for your brand.

What’s your aim? Do you want to inform your audience or urge them to make a decision?

I am the writer for you.

I take my time to understand your brand’s position and your intended message before I can start writing. I can help you translate your industry’s jargon into content that customers can easily relate to.

If you are looking for lead magnets, you can trust my work. I mainly write guest posts, copy, and blog posts for marketing and security businesses. However, I am always willing to step out of my comfort zone when seeking client work.

What are you waiting for?

Visit my website ( to learn more about my work, or contact me through Hopefully, we will be a great fit for each other and can proceed to build a strong working relationship.

Kind Regards,
Erick Wanjohi.

Content Types
Landing Page, Buyers Guide, Website Copy, Press Release, Blog Post
More Information
Embu University, Bachelor of Commerce
Nairobi, Kenya|German, English, Swahili


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