Erik Godinez

Photographer, Videographer, Writer

Darkness is where light hides itself. Follow the light.

The more you go towards the memories, the more you will drown into the ocean. It's like you think that being in the middle of the sea is a paradise with quiet and peace. But really, you’re walking into the drain. Because you’re feeding your life with past memories that are done. They already happened. If they’re gone they’re gone meaning that they can’t happen again. Then they’re done. Life is about choices. Either live in wonderland. Live in the past. Live in today. Live in the future. Don't trap your own self. Don't trap your soul. Don't trap your hands. Your wrists. You’re going to trap yourself and regret and lose hope of no way out of the cage. Some people aren't just meant to learn from their mistakes but learn from those who’ve learned their mistakes. Life isn't about learning from mistakes. Life is about living adventures without rules nor limits onto your own self. Not every story is written by you. The story. The book. Of life. Is written by God. Not every story has a happy ending. Just like The story of Romeo and Juliet. Don’t confuse yourself with what God ‘wanted’ you to go through, with what you ‘decided’ to deal with.
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