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A freelance writer living in the Appalachians with 15 years experience working in various healthcare settings. My published work includes fiction and nonfiction pieces.
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Carolina Beach, NC 28428, USA|English

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Week 20
November, 3 2016
Blog Post
The Morality Of Nightmares

A short blog post on the morality of self-censoring.

May, 14 2018
Blog Post

A short fiction piece on the consequences of picking roses at midnight. Nominated for multiple short fiction awards still pending.

October, 31 2017
Blog Post
In Defense of Obscure Grammar

A blog post on the finer points of grammatical fussiness.
Blog Post
A History of Murder Ballads

A study of muder ballads and their offshoots.

March, 25 2018
Postpartum Psychosis: Is It Real?

An interview conducted with a mother diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.

July, 22 2017
This Last Thread
December, 22 2017
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