Ernesto Arias

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Writer

My content always turns towards natural health. I am passionate about the topic of natural health and the way in which our body can regenerate itself

After graduating from high school, I went to a specialized school in systems programming and data analysis, got a bachelor's degree, and worked for 10 years in programming.
Years later, I met an institute of natural medicine and graduated as a technician, awakening in me the passion that made me leave everything else and dedicate myself to research and learn about natural medicine, my passion and current work.
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Blog Post, Ebook, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Guide, Illustration, General Photo, Aerial Photo, Commercial, Music Video
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Escuela Nacional de Computacion electronica, bachelor
Programming and development school and laboratory, application developer
Naturist Training Institute, Naturist Training Institute
San Jose, CA, USA|English, Spanish

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