Esteban Cepero

A fun writer with more than two years of writing experience that is always up to devise an article about entertainment related subjects regarding Marvel, DC, Star Wars, popular T.V. shows, comic-books, etc.

I come from Brooklyn, New York, though I'm currently residing in Florida. I'm a 17-year old freelance writer for two websites. The first website is, an entertainment site that is filled with articles discussing a variety of topics for a community of over 30 million fans. On this site, I have written about 107 articles and have accumulated over 1.3 million reads. The other site I write for is a costume store based in Miami known as 'Wonder Costumes' where I write product descriptions for costumes and accessories, and blogs based off of topics in the entertainment world that are costume-related. At the moment, I am looking to expand my writing skills to other sites or people that may need it.
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