Ethan Jacobs

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I research tirelessly and collaborate with clients from different industries to craft unique content. Nothing gets me as excited as helping someone get their ideas out on paper.

With over seven years of professional writing experience under my belt, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients ranging from burgeoning start-ups to major corporations in an array of industries. As a writer, I'm no stranger to crafting the odd blog post or press release, but prefer applying my skills as an exhaustive researcher to composing longer, research-based articles. With the dry wit of an under-appreciated British butler and the concise wording of a military dossier, most things I write cover big ideas in small spaces.
I take immense pride in my work--particularly as an editor--and am passionate about all things spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. I love the creative outlet that writing affords me and recently spent an additional fifteen minutes on an article that I'd already completed so that I could figure out a way to work in an alliteration string of 11 words beginning with the letter S. I'm often described as "meticulous" and "serious" by those who meet me for the first time, though those that get to know me typically find me to be very approachable and laid back.
Though I love tackling new topics, my area of expertise is in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability (there's no abbreviation for sustainability), along with other topics of a similar nature, such as social impact and human rights. I studied Philosophy and Economics as an undergrad and went on to work in a variety of roles for various CSR consultancies thereafter, which is where I honed my skills writing subject-specific articles.
I'm obsessed with going beyond what needs to be done on a given project. I strive to make everything I produce as clear and concise as possible, making sure to turn in deliverables well-beforehand in the event that something needs tweaking. If you need someone that can communicate big ideas simply, look no further. Let's get to work!
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