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Copywriter, Editor

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I spend most of my life sitting behind a computer doing research on all topics imaginable. I then type this info into delightful, bite-size pieces for consumers. I have two years of agency experience and have had the honor of working in three countries. I especially love writing on tech, food, and fashion.
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Social Copy, Website Copy, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
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University of Sydney, MA Digital Communication and Culture
Nairobi, Kenya|English, Swahili

Published Content

Blog Post
Your Banner Ads Are Boring- Here’s How To Fix Them

This article explores dynamic banner ads and gives a quick overview of interactive advertising.

December 3, 2018
Blog Post
The Key to Content- Participatory Culture

Another article that outlines the strategy behind viral campaigns from my experience and point of view.

October 29, 2018
Blog Post
The Basics of Content Creation

This blog gives a brief outline of content creation. It is targeted toward people who would like to learn more about social media or digital marketing.

November 5, 2018
Fried Sweetpotato with Rosemary

This article is a simple instructional piece on how to make fried sweet potatoes at home. I wrote it for a blog that centers on easy, fun, home-cooked meals.

April 6, 2016
Social Media versus Sociability

This article was part of an academic assignment during my Masters program at Usyd. It analyses whether social media has a positive or negative impact on our social lives.

October 31, 2018
Blog Post
Why Your Facebook Page Is Stuck

This article is part of my personal website that guides people on digital marketing. This one in particular tackles the issue of page growth.

November 12, 2018
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