Everlyne Bakhoya

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer

A passionate researcher and writer ready to give you quality content

Everlyne is a passionate researcher and writer, ready to offer quality and value.
I can comfortably handle all genres.
My joy is when I convert the knowledge I have into content that is useful to many.
I have good command of the English language and is an excellent communicator.
My desire is to work with you as my client and to deliver quality, non-plagiarized content that will be of benefit to you and to your readers.
The fields I am most comfortable with, include, but are not limited to:health & diet, business & finance, travel & lifestyle, food & nutrition, technical, spiritual, agriculture and others.
I invite you to take me on board and let's work together for our mutual benefit and for society's benefit.
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Commercial, Documentary, Buyers Guide
More Information
The University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Commerce
Nakuru, Kenya|English, Swahili

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