Faith Bruton

Graphic Designer, Writer

Freelance Graphic Designer

I studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at a specialized arts high school in Texas. In college, I put the artistic tools I gathered to the test, woking with communications and design for my school's sustainability office while studying Public Health and Sustainable Business. My talents lay in presentation layout and design, infographics, and scientific or academic writing.
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Candid Photography, Case Study, Graphic, Illustration, Infographic, Page Layout, Presentation
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American University, B.S. of Public Health
Chicago, IL, USA|Languages


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CarrotStix Entrepreneurial Business Pitch

Created for team of graduate students working on sustainable business pitch ideas at the Technical University of Munich

July, 20 2018
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AU is Gold Sticker

Sticker design to be used as a promotional item at sustainability events

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Car-bon Sticker

Sticker design used as a promotional giveaway encouraging a car free campus

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AU Recycling Sticker with Logo

Incorporated AU Sustainability Eagle into sticker design to be used as a promotional item at sustainability events

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AU Green Eagle/DC Tattoo Desgin

Tattoo Design, printed as glitter flash tat to be given out as promotional item at AU Sustainability events. The design combines the AU Green Eagle symbol and the DC flag.

November, 16 2017
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Case Study
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