Faith Davies


I am a legend not a saga

I aspired to become a freelancer so then I could have more freedom and wiggle room to search and grow my writing skills.

I know I am a beginner, and I do not have enough experience to consider myself a top-notch freelancer. However, I am a hard worker and will prove that I can achieve anything regardless of how vicious the assignment is. I would consider myself an optimistic person I prefer to make sure I can see the glass full and look at the potential I can benefit from and incorporate into my work.

Some might think that I will not be a qualified writer merely because I am young. That is a misconception, I have enjoyed writing ever since I was young (even though my short stories and poems did not make any sense).

I specialize in various writing topics such as Research papers, writing essays, poetry, etc. This is my time to show that I am not a "lazy" and "unqualified" teenager, but a teenager who is willing to conquer anything in her path. Furthermore, show that she is capable of being a professional and moving up in the writing.

That is why I believe that I will work well with my clients; I want to build relationships that will last instead of being short term.
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Merced High School, Graduating 2019
Merced, CA, USA|English

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