Faith Ellis

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Content Writer & Strategist

I am a Content Creator, Blogger, and Social Media Coordinator for the online health and fitness brand, Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting, with a passion for Social Media Marketing and Content Writing.

Achieving success in the social media marketing world requires the ability to update and share relevant content, engage with followers, and cover trending topics to stimulate interest and build a loyal client base. As an enthusiastic marketing professional with a comprehensive knowledge of diverse social media channels and strategies, I am well prepared to offer these strengths—and many others—to make a significant impact on my organization.

From monitoring trends and analyzing metrics, to driving brand awareness and creating meaningful customer relationships, my skills and knowledge can be leveraged to enable successful marketing and online communications strategies. I excel at content creation and communication with customers, ensuring the utmost satisfaction.

Following are highlights of my qualifications:
- Knowledge of HTML, social media platforms, WordPress sites, Canva Design Software, MailChimp, GIMP, IconoSquare and SEO strategies
-Creating customer engagement and digital communication initiatives, such as contests and giveaways, to elevate brands’ image.
-Experienced in multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter and basic photography skills.
-Strong writing, research, and communication skills.
-Experience creating digital media campaigns and paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns.
-Ability and experience meeting deadlines.
Content Types
Blog Post, Article, Landing Page, Recipe, Social Copy, Social Card, Website Copy
More Information
Guilford Technical Community College, Associate's
University of Vermont, Professional Certificate
Carolina Beach, NC USA|English

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