Faye Kimmel


Tech Editor

I have multiple editing projects but have signed NDA's. I am unable to upload them for my Portfolio.

I have been proofreading and editing for 30+ years. I am good at it. It is second nature to me. I am often asked to give previously edited copy my famous “Triple A” edit (Awesome Authorial Adaptations) before my client puts the copy to bed. I enjoy being creative with my editorial expertise. My job is to make sure your copy captures your reader's attention and to ensure that it is perfectly executed. I will work with your tone, bringing out the distinctiveness of your voice while strengthening the impact of what you have to say.
Content Types
Article, Ebook, Landing Page, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Laney College, Associates Degree
Las Vegas, NV, USA|English

Published Content

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Game Script Editing.pdf

RPG Game Script

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Project Proposal Norway.pdf

Proposal to improve Human Rights in South Eastern Europe

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