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Content Strategist, Copywriter

I know how we can sell that!

Hey, there! My name is Felicia Hunt, but for the purpose of this bio, I'm going to be writing in third person, as if it's not really me … so that it will sound like someone else is writing about me … because it sounds … well, fancy!

Felicia Hunt is a lifelong writer and performer, with a passion for business. She loves copywriting and has completed several certifications to learn different ways to nurture prospects and clients - online and by direct mail.

Funnels, and keywords, and conversions! Oh, my!

Ms. Hunt's corporate experience is in residential mortgages and document inventory, where she has worked with appraisals, titles, closings, bankruptcies, loss mitigation, and collateral review - for several mortgage companies and national banks. She has also studied creative real estate investing, and understands how to legally obtain real estate and gain income from a property without using a bank and without having tenants. Of course, this means that Ms. Hunt has a basic understanding of real estate law. She knows the business from the perspective of the buyers, the sellers, the investors, the government, and the banks!

Now, for the deep, dark, secret: For several years, Ms. Hunt was a full-time poet, spoken word artist, and speaker, where she appeared on television, spoke on several college campuses, taught a community writing course at College of Coastal Georgia, and authored and published several books … and some of those books had strong language in them!

She has a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science/Community Health and prefers to use alternative medicine for physical wellness unless allopathic methods are absolutely necessary.

Her experience is diverse, so if you would like more information about anything mentioned above, please don't hesitate ask.

While Ms. Hunt does use different pseudonyms in different markets, most people know her as Freedom. I (oops, I mean, "she") would be happy to speak with you about your project.
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Landing Page, Website Copy, Direct Mail
More Information
Mercy College, Behavioral Science/Community Health
HubSpot Academy, Content Marketing Strategist Certification
HubSpot Academy, Email Marketing Specialist Certification
HubSpot Academy, Growth-Driven Design Certification
AWAI, Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting
FDIC, Money Smart (Certificates)
Atlanta, GA, USA|English

Published Content

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Direct Mail
Long-Form Sales Letter (Free Your Voice program)

This long-form sales letter enrolls prospects into a training program for getting paid to speak.

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Sales Psychology Infographic

This infographic I created appears inside of a clients-only book I wrote called "The Psychology of Keeping the Sale: How to Stop the Pattern of Clients Backing Out On You, Once and For All." It could also be used on Pinterest but has not been posted.

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Product Description
Essential Author Secrets - VIP Day Program

This copy appeared describes a daylong coaching intensive for author-preneurs.

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Social Media Strategy for Client

This is a personalized social media strategy plan that I wrote for a client that had a small and ineffective social media presence. We had a 90-minute call, where I interviewed her about her habits, preferences, abilities, and fears; gave suggestions; and the next day, this is what I emailed her.

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Infographic Copy
Buyers vs. Spiers Infographic

This infographic I created appears inside my clients-only book "The Psychology of Keeping the Sale: How to Stop the Pattern of Clients Backing Out On You, Once and For All." It could also be used on Pinterest but has not been posted.

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Business Article Compilation - For Women Entrepreneurs

This ebook was derived from a series of blog posts I wrote for a sassy brand that marketed business coaching services to women who were just starting out. The book was a FREE download for lead generation, available on a splash page as well as on Amazon KDP.

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Creative Writing and Publishing Course at CCGA

This advertisement appeared in local newspapers and in the college's course catalog. It primarily consists of a course description I wrote for a creative writing class I created and taught in the continuing education department.

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