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From Australia's youngest female Creative Director to one of Australia's most versatile freelance writers and creative ideas person, I constantly challenge the conventional to elevate brands from wallpaper to 'WOW'. I made millions of people "Feel Better" about Medibank Private and "Live Brighter" with Beacon Lighting. I have transformed 'geek' into everyday speak for tech clients, become a design/DIY/renovator specialist writer for all things related to The Block and House Rules, became Estee Lauderish for a cosmetics company and morphed into Kylie Jenner for a cosmetics accessories brand. I made a client's crops grow and wrote an entire campaign around cows (it was big MOOs in NZ). I wrote a white paper for Bitcoin. A 5-book award submission for a Home Builder. A documentary about a young African choir travelling to WOMAD - total love job, totally loved it. I have an embarrassing array of awards. And oh yes, website writing, social media and digital content - check out https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/ where pretty much EVERYTHING on the page (including all the blogs) has been created in my humble home office. Or the shower.
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