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Customer satisfaction is my number priority and i take solace in integrity.

Greetings! I'm Francis Nwachukwu As a former Writing Consultant for the University of Colorado and English teacher of 7 years, writing is my passion.

I believe what sets me apart from other writers is how I listen to who you are, enabling me to reflect and accentuate your best traits, and to personalize them for the task at hand (grad school statement, letter, etc.). I've optimized admissions essays for Harvard Law and Business schools, Yale Law, Stanford Medical and Business, Oxford, Cambridge, the London Schools of Economics and Business, Johns Hopkins Medical, Northwestern Law, Rutgers Medical, Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, and many many more.

I've also revised letters of recommendation on behalf of CEO's, CFO's, managers, etc., and revised cover letters for a wide array of jobs.

Along with numerous prospective doctors, lawyers, and MBA candidates, I've worked for a professor of Hispanic Studies, a cybersecurity professional, a Hollywood marketer, an electrical engineering salesperson, a biomedical engineer, and more.

I own a business, The Paper Genie, where I provide expert, comprehensive feedback and revision of ideas, organizational structure, style and fluency, voice and word choice and, of course, meticulous proofreading. I specialize in:

* Personal Statements- for graduate school, a job, a college application
* College Application Essays- spotlighting your strengths and potential
* Cover Letters- enhancing and optimizing your message
* Academic papers

Helping others to write better has been my life's mission. For 7 years, I taught English, during which time I edited thousands of essays, personal narratives, opinion pieces, and other types of academic writing. In 2017, I was honored as my school's Exemplary Performance Award recipient, for my ability to help students to reach their respective potentials as writers and thinkers. If you hire me, you will be my priority until your writing wishes have been fulfilled. Thank you for your consideration,
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University of Colorado, Bachelors Degree
University of Colorado, Masters degree
Portland, OR, USA|English

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