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I am a writer, radio anchor, activist, artist, and business owner.

Born and raised in la isla bonita of Puerto Rico, I came to the continental USA in 1996 to attend the University of Chicago and promptly freeze to death. Having barely survived that without losing my last marble, I grabbed my existential B.A. in Philosophy and went east to Washington, DC. There, I worked for VSA, an international non-profit that promotes artists with disabilities. I also lived through the September 11, 2001 attacks and the dawn of Dubya. Coming face to face with the chaos, confusion, fear, and reality of global and extremist dischord, my eyes and my mind were forced open. Suddenly, I could not avoid becoming politically and socially aware. Gone were my innocent days of blinders, bars, and blended drinks. I packed my bags and 5 cats, and drove a meowing moving truck 970 miles by myself back to the Midwest!

In Madison, I became involved in experimental theater, married the wrong person, and grew a beautifully empathetic child. In search of more acting training, I found out Madison schools were ridiculously selective, had years of waiting lists, and higher tuition than the total cost for me to relocate our family and pay for school in New York City. So I went ahead and just did that. While in Brooklyn, NY, I attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, learned new acting techniques, and found out most people don't understand what Method Acting is. After 5 years in New York, I returned to Madison and endured the kind of divorce that abusers never want to end, and people like me can never afford.

And lo, the brand new world of online dating awaited, filled with oodles of unsolicited anatomical lessons and brief, uncreative coital invitations. Eventually, I found the man who would capture my heart! And he has been saving my ass ever since. We are now a blended family of 3 children, two adorably destructive felines, a plethora of plants, and grown ups that periodically step in to counteract entropy (or on occasion, make it worse). During the week, I am engaged in endless fretting over the state of the world, the children, dinner, finances, and the mind-numbing joys of household chores. On weekends, I volunteer at Her Turn News, a local feminist radio show that airs every Sunday on WORT-FM. I chew on rabble rousing news about women, trans, LGBT, and equal rights all over the world, and digest them into tasty byte size morsels for your listening pleasure.
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Female celebrities spearhead national awareness on rape culture and sexual harassment in the performing arts.
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Iceland makes bold progressive moves towards equalizing wages throughout the country.
Saudi female activists detained and branded as traitors

Discrimination and oppression of women is a tragic reality of life in Saudi Arabia.
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Apology to gay marriage haters

The only apology people need to give to those who are offended by the idea of gay marriage.
Gender wealth gap costs the world $160 trillion

Detailed news article highlighting how the gender wage gap affects everyone on a global scale.
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Trump buildings made of steel imported from China

American jobs suffer the most when powerful billionaires like Donald Trump outsource their workers.

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