Fred Fletcher

Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

Health/Medical Writer with 10+ years of experience & a graduate education in the bio-sciences.

After finding out what it was like to work for 12 years in the healthcare industry, Fred obtained a BA in English. He then worked as a staff writer & communications director for several organizations. This culminated in his becoming a freelance health/medical writer & reporter; he completed an MS/PhD in the health sciences while working. Today, he freelances for a very-well-diversified clientele that includes people looking for website-traffic-increasing & brand-enhancing content. When not working, Fred likes to grow edible plants, scuba dive, camp out, hike, dig for fossils & relics from the past, write creatively, develop board games, and help out nonprofits (when time and opportunity allows).
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Blog Post, Case Study, Ebook, Whitepaper, Article, Landing Page, Script
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Walden University , MS/PhD in Public Health
Rhode Island College , BA in English
Atlanta, GA, USA|English

Open Pediatric Imaging

Article explaining why medical imaging for children is more complicated and delicate than it is for adults . . .
Brain eating amoeba: The good news and the bad

By using an important medical issue as "bait," this water purification company is both imparting useful health information as well as bringing attention to its top-of-the-line water purification product line.
Prevent Cyberbullying: Control Your Child’s Social Media Habits
May 6, 2016
Tri City Cardiology
August 15, 2018
15 Surprising ESD Static Electricity Facts
December 23, 2013
10 Reasons Plastic Surgery is Thriving
November 1, 2017
Blog Post
Teeth Whitening: Why DIY Kits Can't Compete with Professionals

A frank comparison of a popular OTC product that simply isn't as good as the services offered by dentists--one way to bring in potential patients just by imparting valuable health information . . .

October 16, 2017
Product Description
Why Are Non-Woven Fabrics Used in Medical Textiles?

Wrote a series of articles for this company specializing in the use of nonwovens for several industries, including the healthcare industry . . . without nonwovens, we wouldn't have these disposable, affordable products that range from diapers, to disposable gowns to mesh used in surgical procedures. This client paid for full copyrights for this content--hence no byline was given to Fred Fletcher.

September 1, 2017
How Well Are You Prepared for a Major Disaster?

A concise introduction to how everyone should be prepared for natural and man-made disasters . . . what to expect during such often unavoidable events . . .

November 3, 2015
Website Copy
Girona Barcelona Golf School

Wrote the entire website content for a golf school and golf playing facility . . . the client bought all copyrights to this text--hence, no byline was given to Fred Fletcher.
Website Copy
What Happens when a Hernia Goes Untreated?

An informative article/blog for a very busy surgical clinic . . . this was one piece of a 15+ collection sold by Fred Fletcher through a content writing service; no byline was given because the client paid for full-rights ownership.

January 25, 2018
Blog Post
Medical Assistant – a “Hot” Profession Facing Extinction?

Article written on the rather explosive, constantly-changing, uncertain (because it's an unlicensed profession & because MAs don't have clear roles in healthcare) profession of Medical Assistant; this article was written for this client with no byline for Fred Fletcher as the author--in other words, the client bought all copyrights to this article.

April 6, 2018
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