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This past October, 2017, marks 9 years of writing screenplays. In that time, I've completed 15 screenplays, and a 6-part TV mini-series and the following:
My screenplay, DECEPTION, just finished 7th in the 2018 San Francisco Indie Film Festival.
I have 2 screenplays under option.
I was hired by Mark Koch, Producer of Lost in Space, Black Dog and others, to write a faith-based drama (and paid!).
I am a co-writer of a TV series called 'The Last Supper. We have 6 completed episodes.
I have written a novel based on 2 of my screenplays, Into the Mystic, and the sequel, Into the Mystic II, currently available on Amazon. It went live in March and with virtually no advertising, over 600 copies have been downloaded.
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