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Freelance journalist/writer with a passion for sustainable business.

Gina-Marie Cheeseman is a Central California based journalist who writes about sustainability, environmental issues, and healthy living. Armed with a degree in journalism and a passion for social responsibility, she writes for a number of online publications. She firmly believes that collaboration between the public and private sectors can help solve many problems facing the planet and its people. She has been named one of the 75 Environmentalists to Follow on Twitter by
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California State University, Fresno, B.A. Mass Communications & Journalism
Fresno, CA, USA|English

Published Content

Growing Chorus Calls For the Ouster of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
April, 20 2018
EWG’s Guide Helps You Buy Safer Conventionally Grown Produce
April, 17 2018
House Committee Approves Legislation to Ban GMO Labeling
July, 17 2015
Researchers Link Lower Education Levels To Unhealthy Diets
November, 15 2013
Investigation Finds Pesticides on 83 Percent of California Farmers Market Produce
November, 25 2013
U.S. & Canada Fall Short in GMO Labeling
January, 28 2017
Another Ban on the Use of Polystyrene Food Containers
November, 4 2013
Is There a Link Between Obesity and GMOs?
October, 30 2013
Americans Eating Less, Still Fighting Obesity
October, 17 2013
3 Reasons Why Country of Origin Labeling Laws Should Not Be Repealed
August, 5 2015
Insecticide Threatens U.S. Honey Bees
November, 6 2013
Coconut Oil Has Dental Benefits?
November, 5 2013
FDA Hears Public Comments on 'Agent Orange' GMO Corn and Soybeans
May, 13 2014
Study Links Fluoride Exposure in Pregnant Women To Lower IQs in Children
October, 18 2017
Does Gut Bacteria Affect Obesity?
September, 23 2013
USDA Tests Find Pesticide Residue on Most Produce
December, 30 2014
Safeway Shareholders Reject GMO Labeling Resolution
August, 5 2014
Better Halloween Candy for Trick-Or-Treaters
October, 14 2014
Anti-GMO Labeling Advocates Want To Stop Vermont’s Law With Barcode Technology
January, 28 2016
Hearst Investigation Reveals Lax Oversight of GMO Corn Experiments
September, 15 2014
Why Big Food Deceives the Public About GMOs
January, 26 2015
Lawsuit By Widow of California Farmer Says Monsanto Knew About Roundup’s Link To Cancer
March, 16 2016
General Mills Is Voluntarily Labeling GMOs: A Step in the Right Direction
March, 24 2016
Students Receive 'Nutrition Report Cards' On School Lunches
January, 8 2014
Obesity and Overweight People Now Make Up One-Third of the World’s Population
June, 2 2014
Why Honey Bees Need to Be Protected Against Harmful Pesticides
January, 5 2014
Uzbekistan Bans GMOs in Baby Food
March, 10 2016
Pink GMO Pineapples Coming to a Grocery Store Near You
June, 10 2017
Opal Apples Are First U.S. Variety To Receive Non-GMO Label
April, 9 2014
How to Avoid GMOs in Halloween Candy
October, 19 2013
Dutch Farmers Reduced Antibiotic Use In Half Among Livestock
July, 8 2014
Global Trade Agreements Could Do Away With GMO Labeling
September, 30 2013
Environmental and Consumer Groups and 11 States Sue Trump Administration
June, 29 2017
The Sticky on Non-Stick Cookware: Environmental Working Group Reveals DuPont’s Toxic Teflon Legacy
May, 4 2015
In-N-Out Commits To Phasing Out Routine Use of Antibiotics From Beef Supply Chain
March, 3 2016
Emails Reveal Collaborations Between Monsanto and Paid-Off Professors
February, 6 2016
Mexican Beekeepers Score Victory Over Monsanto's GMO Soybeans
August, 25 2014
Scientists Outraged Over Retraction of GMO Study On Rats
December, 6 2013
Research Shows Significant Differences between GMO and Conventional Corn
January, 3 2017
4 Reasons the DARK Act Completely Sucks
August, 3 2015
Alarming Glyphosate Levels Found In Popular American Foods
November, 17 2016
Chick-fil-A Adds Organic Apple Juice to its Menus Nationwide
January, 21 2016
Study Finds Surprising New Way to Detect Alzheimer's
August, 24 2017
BPA Could Cause Kidney Problems In Children
October, 9 2013
5 Gnarly Food Preservatives to Avoid
February, 2 2015
Post Takes the GMOs Out of Grape-Nuts
January, 21 2014
Shareholder Resolution Asks Monsanto To Assess Risks of Glyphosate
August, 23 2016
The USDA Organic Program Faces Criticism
November, 13 2013
Researchers Discover Gut Microbes Influence Colorectal Cancer Risk In Mice
November, 11 2013
Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto Alleging Roundup Caused Plaintiffs To Develop Cancer
August, 4 2016
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