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Words are my life.

From blogging to magazine features to classroom instruction on composition, I love words and the beautiful way that they express human thought. I believe that good copy has the power to persuade, inspire, and enlighten readers to live life differently -- whether it's taking that next life step or buying that new product.

But a picture is worth a thousand words. In my spare time, I also love to tell stories through photography. I have had the privilege of working both as a solo photographer and on media teams, documenting educational trips and religious conferences or plating and capturing delicious foods. Some memories are worth keeping beyond today.
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University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Journalism
Charleston, WV, USA|English

Published Content

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Alpha and Omega

A young adult devotional piece published in a denominational quarterly study guide for college students.
A Tale of Two Hearts

A narrative-style piece on the Biblical doctrine of hellfire.

February, 23 2017
Arete: Finding Balance and Common Ground

An article on balancing group dynamics when teaching children, written in 2012 for Kids Ministry Ideas magazine.

April, 16 2012
Blog Post
My Blood is Not Good Enough

A narrative exposition on Ezekiel 16.

February, 15 2015
The Virtuous Woman

An article about Biblical womanhood in the 21st century.

April, 7 2015
Blog Post
For This Purpose

I wrote this blog post for my young friends who asked me how they should make decisions for their future life.

October, 2 2018
Narrative Video
Kicking Hypothyroidism - A Photo Essay

I did this photo essay in the spring of 2014 as my final project for my photojournalism course. This essay is made up almost entirely of food photography.

April, 28 2014
Candid Photography
Camping Memories

This was a weekend camping trip with the girls at the school where I worked for two years. Most of these photos were taken by me, with the exception of a few selfies.

October, 8 2016
Candid Photography
School-on-Wheels [SAMPLE]

This is one of 11 collections of photos taken throughout an extended school road trip. I was one of the photographers for the trip, though not all of our photos could be credited. I was also responsible for uploading the photos, creating albums on Facebook, and developing captions for each photo.

April, 20 2017
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