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I'm a political scientist and writer by training, and I pride myself on clear writing and thinking.

Hi! I'm Garrett, a Ph.D. Candidate, educator, and writer who has been working in academia and freelance writing for years. When I work with writing partners, I value clarity of communication and expectations so that you can get exactly what you need, when you need it.
My academic specialization is in political theory, where I write primarily about the history of the internet. I have taught or will teach classes ranging from Ancient and Medieval Political Theory up to Feminist Political Theory.

I take those academic skills into my other areas of knowledge and interest: I'm an avid traveler, social commentator. Prior to academic life, I also helped manage a construction business. Now, in addition to academia and writing, I'm a car enthusiast dipping his toes into the world of social media with the help of my partner, with whom we write, consult and do design work for all kinds of businesses and individuals.

When I'm not reading, writing, or teaching I love cooking and have, once again, taken up the saxophone.

If there's something that you need written that requires knowledge, precision, and clarity, I'd love to help!
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Florida International University , BA- Political Science
Florida International University , MA- Political Science
Florida International University, PhD (in progress)- Political Science
Miami, FL, USA|English

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