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Jim Garth was an early Accounts Manager for a Maritz Travel Co, a division of Maritz, Inc. a company globally recognized as the leader in employee and customer motivation. He is the president and founder of Revenue Enhancement Concepts, Inc.

Jim was responsible for planning, organizing, operating, and evaluating Consumer, Employee, Factory, Distributor, and Dealer sales incentive programs for many of the Fortune 500 companies. He established http://TheIncentiveHelpDesk.com in January of 2009

As one of the original Maritz "Red Coats" he was instrumental in motivating sales people. Such motivation included performance awards to include; travel awards, merchandise awards, and recognition awards. He was a leader in fine-tuning dealer personnel sales procedures.

Jim has consulted for and managed incentive travel programs and consulted with incentive houses such as Maritz, S&H Travel Awards, The Masters Group, Tayler International, JLM Incentives, and others. These Companies served clients in the Automotives, insurance industry, food and beverage industry, medical industry and others. (Scoll down to see details.)

Incentive consultation and management included analyzing marketing plans, assigning incentives aimed at reaching specific marketing goals, and operating resulting campaigns, on site, world-wide in locations such as Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Cruises, and other destinations.

Jim authored the first incentive travel training manual to be offered on the Internet in 1995. TheInentiveHelpDesk.com was first posted in January of 2009. The Company concentrates our focus on educating corporate incentive experts on the concepts of establishing and managing performance award campaigns in an effort to increase profits.

Jim, an avid aviation enthusiast and Commercial Pilot, was part of a team that trained experienced transitioning pilots to master the complexities of piloting the state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 for American Airlines at their Flight Academy in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Jim is presently coordinating a number of incentive experts in providing the Ebook tutorial:
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