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Lectures on the natural world and spirituality.

Qualified Game Ranger, Safari Guide and Dive master. Wildlife photographer and musician. I have formulated a series of lectures regarding African wildlife and the larger implications that close proximity to wildlife has to our inner spirituality. I am a published author with my autobiography entitled SOUL SAFARI available on Amazon. Raised in South Africa on a mixed farm,attended boarding school,completed military service then worked as a hunter in Zimbabwe and South Africa before becoming a Game Ranger and safari guide in some of the most premier game reserves in Africa.. Started a lion project whilst in the bush and later started a dolphin encounter project whilst in the ocean.
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Settlers Agricultural high school., Diploma, nature conservation City Guilds level two
Manchester, UK|English

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This is a blog that accompanies my autobiography. The purpose is to educate, entertain and reveal the hidden workings of the natural worlds communication with the human soul. Live slideshows and lectures are a part of the Inner Migrations experience and the written word is just as important.

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