Gavin Brennan

Writer, Copywriter

Professional Freelance Writer

I'm a professional freelance writer who specialises in physical and mental wellbeing, psychology and travel.

On top of writing I've spent years travelling, studying and working as a teacher, and I bring my skills together in writing expertly-researched, informative and insightful articles that reach people, as well as being highly-skilled at academic-style writing and research.

I'm a Masters student in Psychology and Well-being and have a passion for helping people improve their physical and mental well-being.

I'm an experienced travel writer having lived in five different countries and travelled to many more - I've spent months travelling around Vietnam by motorbike and prefer travelling slowly through the great outdoors to hitting resorts and queuing up to insert my face into the same old Insta-snaps.

I'm looking for people to collaborate to create great content that reaches out to people.

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Article, Ebook, Blog Post, Website Copy
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Dublin Business School, B.A. in Psychology
Univeristy of Limerick , L.L.B. Law and European Studies
Dublin City University, Masters in Psychology and Wellbeing
Clare, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland|English, French, Irish, Vietnamese

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