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English UK - neutral, south east London, east London, 
Russian accent, French accent,  Jamaican accent, American East Coast accent, Australian accent

Due to my international travels in my role as a singer I have picked up a little Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and German not at all fluent.

However, if you need an accent, a particular tone of voice, someone age specific or anything something else - I am extremely versatile, a quick study and eager to accept the challenge. I can work with you to get exactly what you need from your audio.

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Professional, confident, bright, informative, friendly, natural, conversational, can be laid back or energetic subject to requirement - perfect for narrations, children animations, character, documentary, corporate videos, e-learning, training presentations, commercials, infomercials, trailers, audio books, technical, telephone and movies - various applications in many areas of voice work.

Well versed in story telling (with multiple voicings), workshops, teaching.

My voice lends itself to sounding authoritative & intelligent, but also welcoming perfect for the hospitality & hospital (medical) applications.

I am comfortable with music jargon (studio and live); studied computer systems & analysis, so I am familiar with IT jagon; studied and practised various massage techniques, therefore familiar with  healthcare, medical, anatomical and physiological jagon.

Based in London, with my own professional home studio - enabling a quick turnaround of high quality recordings on your project and also easy access of London based recording studios if required.

Over 30 years in Music Business and student of the VO Kickstart programme.

Gee has over 30 years experience in the music business as a lead vocalist, backing vocalist, session vocalist in both studio and live situations - particularly proud of her versatility adaptability and unique vocal flavour.

Professional Singer, Artiste, Vocalist, Songwriter - melody & lyricist, Vocal Arranger, Vocal Producer,  Voiceover Artist, Vocal Tutor/Coach  (one-to-one, studio & live)

Innocence:  Signed to Chrysalis/Cooltempo/EMI 1990-1993 2 Albums - 7 hit singles

Worked as backing vocalist for many signed acts/artist(e)s before and after recording contract for Innocence.

Currently performing with Maizie Williams' Boney M abd Alexander O'Neal) with live bands and backing tracks - theatres, festivals, auditoriums, conferences and private - internationally.

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North East London Polytechnic, BA Hon Computer Systems Design & Analysis

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