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After immigrating from Russia to Germany at the age of 10, I grew up speaking both languages - later having passed the A-levels at a grammar school in my home town, I studied Slavonic Studies (MA) at the University of Hamburg.

Since I have two kinds of childhood - one that made me experience the last few breaths of Soviet Russia, and one that I had in Germany - I know how people of those cultures tend to think and what ways of solving the same problem I might expect of them. More than that I developed a hunger for acquiring new knowledge due to the cultural as well as social change I had as as a kid. I discovered and learned a lot about cultural exchange and phenomena, traditions and habits Russian and German people have. However, I always had great interest in other cultures, too, so I perfected my English language skills, and also learned Polish and Japanese for some time. Today I teach German and Russian to people, who persue a career or simply want to perfect their language skills.

My interests reach even further, when I think of having studied History of Arts or having taughed as a substitute teacher besides German and Russian, of course, school subjects such as Latin, Maths and Physics as well. I suppose there is no scientific subject or field I might find unnecessary or unattractive to know about - I will never stop learning!

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University of Hamburg, Bachelor of Arts in Slavonic Studies & History of Arts
University of Hamburg, Master of Arts in Slavonic Studies
Hamburg, Germany|German, English, Russian

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