Geraldine Santua


I have been into computers and writing since I was a teenager. I believe these two interests have already become my passion. I used to write for the official school paper during my high school and college years while at the same time contributed write-ups for some of the local newspapers.

I have written a number of articles and did a few field researching as the former Documentation and Awards Specialist for the Provincial Press Bureau in our local community.

I love computers although I might not be such an expert when it comes to highly complicated "nerdy" issues. I am also addicted to computer games, especially the ones in the RTS genre.

I know about the MS Office softwares as they are somehow the basics for computer literacy nowadays. I know a bit of photo and video editing, and I can say that I am pretty good at using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Digital Editions, ProShow Producer, Sony Vegas, and Videopad. I also know the basics of a few other photo and/or video editing and lay-outing softwares.

I am used to working at a minimal supervision. I want a job where I can help you ease your busy life by doing what you will assign me to do. That way, I get to contribute to the success of your business while you get to enable me to do tasks which would help me learn more and grow as a freelancer.
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