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I'm from England, Liverpool. I'm 22, currently in college studying digital marketing. I've written my first book recently titled, The Remnants. It debut at 13 on the New York Times, feel free to have a look at it. Writing is a hobby to me, love finding out new things, the research part is always the most fun for me. If i can't make what you're hoping for, I'll let you know immediately rather than give you half baked work. Cheers.
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SAE Institute, Dubai, UAE, Bachelors in Audio
Yale University, Connecticut, USA, Diploma in Theater Studies
United Arab Emirates|English, French, Serbian

The Remnants, 2018, Book

The Remnants

A Dive into the book I published. The Remnants. All the images showcase an emotion which was used to either create the writing or guide the writing. All images here are mine, and created by me. I write articles as well as blog posts.

September, 1 2018
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