Gina Chan

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

I help B2B and B2C businesses to achieve their goals with strategic content.

Have you reached your income goal this month? Do you realize that you have no enough time to take care of most of your business?

I'm Gina Chan, a freelance writer for hire. I add value to your content with:

Simplicity: Always bring to your customers the core message.

Engaging: Retain your readers and let them want for more.

Action: Lead them to call-to-action and increase your conversion rates.

Do you have followers on social media?

Don't let them to wasted! Depending on the platform, I will design specific posts to:

Convert your followers and fans.

Build a strong community.

Create brand loyalty.

I also have the knowledge as:

Brand writer

Blog and website content writer

Social media copywriter

Digital Marketing

Are you wondering, Why Me?

If you want results, I give you results.

If you want engagement, I'll give you engagement.

If you want content, I'll write the best quality content for you.

My work

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What I do when I'm not writing?

You'll find me devouring every book that I found when I'm not busy watching my favorite series: "Criminal Minds" "Walking Dead"… Or doing my next plan to take action in the future.
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