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After working for 25 years for two Fortune 100 companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device world, Glenn decided to venture out on his own to try to understand the entrepreneurial lifestyle and start a business along the lines of his passion to help and inspire people. He has written four books, started three companies (one 501c-3), and now understands what it means to really work in America and the world: not easy! Glenn is a husband and father of three teenage sons, tennis enthusiast, and loves to think outside the box on history, religion, politics, and art. He enjoys fitness and relationships.
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Providence College, M.Ed
Houghton College, BS Communications
Raleigh, NC, USA|English

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Page Layout is a 501c-3 non-profit.

The website for the non-profit is dedicated to helping fundraise for the sake of educating underprivileged groups in the ​USA.

November, 23 2018
Self-Publishing, Indie Publishing, Writing/US/Gracestone Publishing

Gracestone is a company dedicated to improving communication and relationship development for the sake of improving leadership and teamwork in private and public life.

November, 23 2018
Blog Post
Publishing Leadership Culture | United States | Gracestone, LLC

My blogs cover a variety of topics based on my interactions with people, media, and businesses. Some of my posts can be controversial because I'll write about religion and politics without fear of sharing my personal viewpoint.

November, 23 2018
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