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High in empathy with an ability to capture the hearts and minds of your clients and readers. Author of White Papers, Bid Responses, Executive Summaries, Case Studies, Blogs. High end writer with over 25 years experience in the UK and Australia in Senior Leadership Director roles.

Content may be King, but context is God.
Understanding your client, the market and the messaging is crucial to deliver a high quality service.
I have over 25 years in building successful teams from start up and rescuing failing teams turning them around for success. IT, Government, Banking, Marketing and Commercial organisations my forte.
Business acumen, leadership development and digital strategy are my expertise. With a strong sense of empathy, I have a unique ability to personalize content to add significant value to your strategy focusing on your clients and market.
White Papers, Bid Responses, Executive Summaries, Case Studies, Blogs. High end writer with over 25 years experience in the UK and Australia in Senior Leadership Director roles.
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Blog Post, Guide, Article, Ebook, Case Study, Whitepaper, Press Release
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Sydney NSW, Australia|English

Blog Post
Succeed in Goal Setting for your Future

Succeeding on goal setting by using visulaisation

November, 7 2018

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Blog Post
What to do about it

Find out if your people are stressed & what to do about it as part of your personal development.

October, 18 2018
Blog Post
How to Beat Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps

Tenzin Gyatso is better known these days as the 14th Dalai Lama, a great spiritual leader who travels the world advocating for the Tibetan people and teaching about compassion as the source of happiness in life. But it was not always thus—Gyatso was once a bored student who found it hard to get motivated. “Only in the face of a difficult challenge or an urgent deadline would I study and work without laziness,” he recalls. He has learned his lesson since: “You must not procrastinate,” he now teaches. “Rather you should make preparations so that even if you die tonight, you would have no regrets.

October, 3 2018
Blog Post
How to Reduce Pressure using Technology

In this post I am focusing on three simple stress reduction take aways that you can implement immediately. Making technology work for, not against us.

September, 4 2018
Blog Post
“How to Build Trust with your People and Teams”

Most of us have worked in organisations where the culture is dynamic, everyone pulling together, its infectious and fun. Challenges are thrown down and the team rises to meet and overachieve them. Clients are happy, we are happy as Leaders and our People are happy. It is a place where you wake up wanting to go to work and contribute. Unfortunately a higher number of us have worked in organisations or teams where this is not the case. The culture is unhealthy, there is a lack of trust across the board. It can be an extremely toxic place to be.

September, 10 2018
Blog Post
“Avoid Workplace Conflict with Six Simple Steps”

As a Leader we all have a responsibility to look after our people, clients and our own self. If we suffer from, and allow extreme emotional episodes to go unchecked then culture in the workplace will suffer. Emotions are contagious and these episodes will spread to others. This can and will have disastrous consequences at every level from productivity, client satisfaction, culture and turnover of vital staff.

September, 18 2018
Blog Post
How to build Positive Culture with Succession Planning

The link between a positive culture and succession planning can be difficult to define due to intangible benefits, however there are certainly some strong evidence that delivered correctly, succession planning can have a significant positive impact on your business.

September, 26 2018
Blog Post
“Birth of a blog”

So what is in it for you? Well I have started this blog so that people like you and I can share ideas and tools to raise the profile of the positive culture mentality. This will include ideas and posts on personal development, how to build successful teams and increase the awareness and positive culture wherever you are by focusing on employee engagement. A positive culture translates itself to increased staff retention, a stronger workplace environment and ultimately deeper client satisfaction.

August, 29 2018
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