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Please see my LinkedIn page for more details.

I am an autodidact and member of the International High IQ Society. An autodidact is someone who is self-taught or who prefers to learn things on their own. When I find something interesting, I like to learn more about it to obtain more than a general understanding. In addition to learning on my own, I was also a Medical Specialist, Combat Medic and Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician while I was enlisted in the United States Army. I am still a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, former Martial Arts Instructor with black belts in 5 styles, Forex Trader, Independent Business Consultant and Investment Advisor and more.

I do not have a formal resume or CV but I do have various education and experience. On my LinkedIn I have included the information such as proof of my membership in the International High IQ Society. Membership is only granted to those who can prove an IQ at least in the top 5% of the population. They require a demonstrative IQ test score of at least 124, or a raw IQ score in the top fifth percentile on any recognized test. Note that these tests have to be administered by a certified professional such as a psychologist or recognized educational institution. Unofficial online versions of these tests which you can take unproctored (not overseen) are not accepted.
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