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My name is Guerry Naissant. I am a native Haitian Creole speaker who also possesses excellent English and French commands (verbal and written). Also, I am currently learning Spanish as I recently moved to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. I am a skilled worker with a background in copywriting, translation, and customer service.

I acquired a history in writing (mostly French) after spending nearly two years as a remote Copywriter and Translator at AmoMama Media. There I received daily articles in English from AmoMedia and translated them into French. I collected data from multiple sources on a given French topic every day to condense it into a newly written article.

I also took advantage of the training programs the company offered. During the tenure, they implemented a new writing format to be more social media compatible and attract more readers. I worked in a fast-paced environment, so there was a lot to learn in a short time. Therefore, I utilized and maximized my resources to the fullest. I downloaded and studied many modules, spent evenings training myself to a deeper level of knowledge, often learning technical how-to through YouTube. I grasped plenty of new concepts under a tight deadline and became fluent in the new format in no time flat. In the end, I was able to meet the goals with more satisfaction and pride. I am now looking for new challenges/projects in the freelance writing industry.

PS: the following line is how my supervisor described me: "With the ability to create an extravaganza out of a simple event, Guerry is a sorcerer. His talent for writing pieces that hypnotize his readers has earned him a reputation as a magician beyond compare. His flair with words is just one of the many spells he has up his sleeve."
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Université Adventiste D'Haïti, Associate in Theology (THA) and Religion
Université d'État d'Haïti, Associate in Business Administration and Management
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic|English, French

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