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Guilherme Paulus é o maior empresário da história do turismo brasileiro, reconhecido nacional e internacionalmente por serviços prestados ao setor. É o fundador da operadora e agência de viagens CVC e, atualmente, Chairman do Grupo GJP, que controla a GJP Hotels & Resorts e a GJP Construtora e Incorporadora. Também foi membro do Conselho Nacional do Turismo, é atualmente presidente do Conselho de Administração do São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau e vice-presidente de Relações Internacionais da Associação Brasileira de Agências de Viagens (ABAV) Nacional.
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The Story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus

Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus One thing that most Brazilians can agree on is that life as an entrepreneur in the country is difficult, coming with numerous obstacles one must overcome. However, being an entrepreneur in Brazil can also be extremely rewarding. On the surface, Brazil is a country where a lack of venture capital, high government taxes and an unstable bureaucracy prohibits entrepreneurs from accomplishing their business dreams.

October, 8 2018
Guilherme Paulus: Creating One Hotel and Resort at a Time

In addition to his having won the Entrepreneur of the Year award, Guilherme Paulus, the co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC), Paulus has helped his internationally recognized tourism company achieve recognition as the largest tour operator in Latin America

August, 21 2018
The Ultimate Brazil Travel Guide: Presented by Guilherme Paulus

When travelers go on vacation, they want to find the inside scoop of where to go, what to do and where to stay. Sure travelers ask concierges, travel agents, friends and family but why not speak with someone who has a clear vision as well as clear advice. When you travel to Brazil the one and only person you should listen to is Guilherme Paulus, the founder of GJP Hotel and Resorts.

August, 21 2018
President of Board of Advisors, CVC Brasil & GJP Hotels and Resorts

Brazilian hotelier and global entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus leads the Board of Advisors of Brazilian tour company CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels and Resorts, a brand of hotels and resorts with locations throughout the country

October, 9 2018
Guilherme Paulus - Founder, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A.

Brazilian hotelier and international entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus runs the Brazilian tour company CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts, a brand of hotels and resorts located throughout the county.

September, 13 2018
Guilherme Paulus

Entrevista com Guilherme Paulus

September, 14 2018
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