Hailey Laughlin

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Managing Editor

Marketing Manager based in Dallas, TX

I am a marketing manager from Dallas, Texas, looking to create killer strategies and impactful campaigns for brands that I love.

Balance is important to me in every part of what I do. I love spreadsheets, data, and procedures - but I see the bigger picture and have a passion for creativity. When I bring creativity to my work, it is often through layout design, styling, marketing strategies, and creative problem solving. My creative outlets are cooking/baking, photography, and film.

My passion for food is why I created a food and cooking blog. It is my way of each making sure I always have a creative outlet to keep my mind moving with ideas.
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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Ad/Promotional Copy, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Presentation, Infographic, Corporate Photo, General Photo, Candid Photography, Product Photography, Recipe, Checklist
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Dallas Baptist University, B.A. Visual Communication
Dallas, TX, USA|English

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