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Since I was sixteen, I knew I wanted to be a writer, and while I’m nineteen and in college, my dream hasn’t faulted. While I might not be the most experienced writer in the field, I have a passion for it. Recently, I created my blog A Playground of Ideas on WordPress to inspire and support people with their daily troubles. I’ve written content like articles, poetry, and short stories. My articles mostly contain 500+ words, while my poetry varies on the emotion, I try to convey. I’ve also set up varies social media accounts to promote my blog, and it’s content. In just three months of creating my blog, I’ve experienced a doubling in my views and followers as I promote my blog to Instagram and Twitter. In promoting to Instagram, I’ve learned inspiring and uplifting posts about love, especially will get my site more views. So I post poems and or quotes with uplifting and hopeful messages about future love to my Instagram feed. While on Twitter, I promote my blog in blogger threads and give links to posts in tweets. Twitter has been beneficial for me since other bloggers can see my material and provide me with feedback. While A Playground of Ideas is just the first step in my writing journey; I can’t wait to see what comes next!
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