Hanezz Gates

A long-time essayist, writer and editor--get great everyday content on stories that matter!

Hanezz is a professional copywriter. She also has worked as an editor with various major magazine companies in New York. With her sweeping experience of over 15 years in the writing complex and her huge penchant for words, she has been blessed with an opportunity to launch – a book club. Where she meets and shares her expository writing and grammar skills with other people who aspire to become—legendary writers!
Also having been bitten by the travel bug, she aims to discover more languages, culture and more places in the near future so she continues to do what she loves most – writing! She also enjoys cats, hot coffee, and a good keyboard even though they’re fatal when placed all together.
You can hire her anytime at ClearVoice, send her requests any requests anytime. You’ll definitely LOVE her writing prose– that for sure!
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