Hanna Pashkevich

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Conscious Anarchy, of Freedom through Discipline

Hanna Pashkevich is a musician and musicologist, social and cultural anthropologist, and philosopher with the main interests in the world cultures with their diversity possibility of mutual understanding and communication.
She lived and studied in different countries such as Russia, India, and the UK, and have a degrees in Performing Arts (music), Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ethnomusicology and Philosophy. All these areas she brings along to reach deep philosophic understanding of the world.
Her creativity spread over text writing preferably those genres which need serious research, in the field of humanities, social and cultural sciences, philosophy and religion. She is particularly interested in Asian cultures, especially in India where she spent over 6 years.
She has a diploma in Yoga studies received in India, and yoga is the base of her world view. In it, he is a practitioner and theorist. She also collaborates with yoga institutes and helps in creating content for their websites. At present, she is a part of the team in Rishikul Yogshala (English-Russian translator).
Hanna is also a music composer and multimedia creator and editor.
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Article, Presentation, Video, General Video, Music Video, Blog Post
More Information
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), (London, UK), Masters (2019/2020)
St. Petersburg State University (St.Petersburg, Russia), Masters in Philosophy (2019/2021)
Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (Moscow, Russia), Bachelor (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
Bhatkhande Music Institute (Lucknow, India) , Bachelor in Performing Arts (Indian classical music)
London, UK|English, Hindi, Russian

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