Hannah Stilwell

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Hannah dropped into the agency world a decade ago, taking on the global websites of Rolex’s philanthropic arm. For years, she translated the projects of international artists and innovators into digital stories for a worldwide audience. Since then, she has found something to say for all types of clients including Brookfield Homes and the Smarter Growth Initiative.

Her accidental marketing career began when she co-founded Calgary’s beloved Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Entrenched in all aspects of the company, learned promotion and communication out of necessity. And, of course, she can dance like a damn and produce a killer show at the drop of a hat.

Hannah holds a certificate in advanced facilitation and helps stakeholders get to the right decision in anything from strategic planning and content development, to what to have for breakfast.

As proponent of facilitated learning, Hannah’s been teaching for 35 years both privately and in the U of C’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Outside dance, she offers workshops in writing for the web, and other marketing channels, to clients large and small.

Making travel a requisite for her work life is one of Hannah’s secret gifts. She’s driven every road in Western Canada with a van full of dancers and costumes, flown around the world to perform, and now write. Name a country – she’s likely shaken a leg or penned a few phrases there. In 2000, Hannah followed her love for rhythm and made a life in Cuba for a while.

She founded an experiential travel company in 2000 and still occasionally rounds up curious people to guide them into the deepest corners of Cuban culture.
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