Haroon Q Raja

Geek · Foodie · Nonconformist · Aspiring Adventurer · Technology Writer

Being a restless spirit who's young at heart and old at mind, I have had a diverse career in fields including but not limited to broadcast and advertising media, showbiz, education, trade, writing, information technology and business process outsourcing.

At present, I'm working for the Mobile Nations network, where you'll find me writing about Android as well as the Internet of Things and the world of smart, connected devices at the awesome Android Central and Connectedly blogs.

In the past, I have worked as Senior Editor at the popular technology blog AddictiveTips, as well as written for the XDA Portal - the front page of the biggest smartphone enthusiast community in the world.

Apart from blogging and technology, I love adventure sports and nature. Before recently moving to Lahore, I could often be found exploring the Margalla hills in Islamabad, looking for cliffs to climb. These days, my spare time is spent exploring the old walled city of Pakistan's cultural and culinary capital, sampling all the great food it has to offer, and marveling at the Mughal-era architecture that can still be found there.

My biggest dream in life is to go backpacking across the world on a trip of adventure, visiting every single country, viewing every single UNESCO World Heritage Site out there, meeting and making friends with all sorts of people, climbing the mountains and cliffs, rafting and kayaking the rivers, lakes and sea, and exploring the amazing natural beauty that our planet has to offer.
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