Heather Salfrank

Graphic Designer

Curious designer making a difference one interaction at a time.

Hey there! I'm Heather, a product designer that loves to solve problems and create engaging designs for users. As a designer, I enjoy solving complex problems from any product. Having worked in various roles from marketing, web design, content strategy, and UX, I have developed ways to bring strong interaction design, problem solving and product strategy skills; allowing me to design solutions in a comprehensive way.
Content Types
Ebook, Presentation, Infographic, Case Study, Social Video, Illustration, Page Layout, Graphic
More Information
Arizona State University, Bachelors of Science
Riverside, CA, USA|English

Published Content

Branding Infographic

Researched and designed the social media infographic during an internship with Vertical Measures. Made for a blog post that was also written by me.

August 26th, 2017
Social Animation!

Created some motion graphics like this for some clients on there social media.

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This is AstroEvade mine first app developed in market to download and play. The game is built for users to destroy asteroids for point while also avoiding getting hit by one to live longer. Special abilities fall the longer you survive which means more points.

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Rove Trails

This is my personal app I am currently working on. It's called Rover Trails and its an app that allows users to search for hike trails near them and to build a bucket list of places them want to travel.

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Case Study
Tasty App

A food app for users to find and save recipes from Tasty. My first case study in UX/UI design.

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Case Study
DC Universe App

DC Universe has created an app for users to see comics, TV shows, and movies. I made this product into a case study mainly to research more user experience.

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