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Writing Content That Captivates Your Audience

With over 20 years’ experience in freelancing and publishing, I've served as a writer, author, editor, and even became the founder and CEO of an independent publishing company.

In my years working in these industries, I've acquired a broad range of skills and I've become well-versed in what it takes to craft a piece of writing so that it has the best chance of captivating readers.

Think of me as a partner on this content-creation journey whose job is create pieces of content that will leave your audience enthralled and clamoring for more.

Contact me today, so that we can take the first step toward embarking on this content-creation partnership.


- Publisher’s Weekly highlighted one of my company's titles as being among the industries bestselling, adult coloring books during the week covering May 15, 2015.

- In the acknowledgements section of Foundation Website Creation with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, Jonathan Lane, who was one of the book's four authors/contributors, thanked me for my excellent and thoughtful feedback during my editing of the book.

- One of my books was endorsed by foremost self-publishing expert Dan Poynter as “...meaning the difference between failure or ultimate success.”
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